March 3, 2015

Why go with the traditional, flat print, numeral table number when you can pick something fun, different and customized to you? While there is nothing wrong with gorgeous traditional table numbers, here are a few ways to mix it up. Try your favorite cities or sentimental places, favorite bands or song lyrics, herbs if you like to garden or wineries if you love wine. Creating something dimensional or with texture will also add that fun, personal component.

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Your Favorite Cities


Street Names in New Orleans

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Your Favorite Wineries


A Different Texture

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February 26, 2015

We are excited to share that our couple Irene and Jake were featured in the New York Times for their Valentines Day weekend wedding as well as the flower bar we designed for their welcome reception! We can’t wait to share more details about their wedding weekend soon, so stay tuned.

Take a peek at the full article on our Valentines Day flower bar here.

We wanted to incorporate something fun and interactive that also gave a nod to Valentines Day. That’s when we thought of designing out a flower bar with Edge Floral, featuring vases and different types of flowers. Guests were able to come up and create a custom bouquet and attach a love note to present to someone special during the party. It was a fun way to share the love with everyone involved.

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More on their wedding feature here!

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February 24, 2015

One thing that we pride ourselves on is designing an event with an interactive element.. or two. We love surprising our guests, and even sometimes our clients, with a fun experiential aspect during the evening. To get your wheels turning, here are a few fun ways we have incorporated something interactive into our events:

Bow Tie Bar

A fun addition to any Wedding. We create a custom bar full of different color and print bow ties for the men to choose from upon their arrival. Staff to help tie the bow ties is a must!

Mixology Station

An interactive experience for any event, where your guests can create new drinks and learn more about their favorite cocktails and brands. Sometimes we even turn this into a challenge!

Flower Bar

A fun addition we just incorporated over Valentines Day weekend. A custom flower shop was set up, allowing guests to create a custom floral arrangement and attach a note to someone special and deliver it to them during the party.

Hair and Makeup Station

A fun way to incorporate something special for the ladies, is to have vanities set up with a hair and makeup stylist in the women’s restroom for a quick touch up during the evening.

Shake-em-up girls

A bar with three ladies, customized to the theme of your event will sing a custom jingle for each speciality cocktail ordered. This one is always a hit!


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