October 23, 2014

Today we are sharing with you the inside scoop on an event we planned for Google this Fall. This event was designed to create a fun and interactive environment to celebrate the Google City Experts. 1776 was the perfect backdrop for this event and it allowed us to bring in decor and florals to play off of the industrial and organic look. We wanted to keep the food and beverage local so we brought in Union Kitchen and Stone Tower Winery to cater the event. Guests were also able to experience the slow motion video booth {one of our personal favorites} and The Haiku Guys. If you have yet to hear about these guys, you need to check them out! Thank you to our vendors who helped bring together a fabulous and entertaining environment for Google to thank their Google City Experts!















Photography: Michael Kress

Decor: Amaryllis

Venue: 1776

Catering: Union Kitchen

Wine: Stone Tower Winery

Slow Motion Video Booth: Carnival Day

Haiku: The Haiku Guys



October 21, 2014

We are excited to share a vendor spotlight for a company that is just under a year old. Headquarted in NYC, Suitable is offering men custom, affordable and quality suits. We love the look, we love the quality and we definitely suggest checking them out!

What inspired you start making custom suits at a more affordable price?
Suitable was born from a few insights. We got closer to the supply chain and realized that brands were doing the manufacturing with pretty sizable margins and burning through a lot of that in brick and mortar. Even some of the online shops had suits that were still more expensive, and catering primarily to a very specific type of guy who wore the dapper label on their sleeve. We’re making custom suits accessible broadly.

Another big difference between us and others is that most custom shops have a make-your-own-salad approach, where you choose from 60+ fabric options, combined with a number of lapel, button, and pocket options. No one has a distinctive style. For us, it’s about simplicity. Our fit is custom but our aesthetic mixes British influences with New York edge.

How is the quality of the materials being used, compared to other companies, since the price is more affordable than other high end suits?
Great question. Unlike most suits that are at our price point, our suits aren’t fused but have a great half-canvassed construction, making our suits more comfortable and helping them lay against the body more naturally. We have a masculine slim fit and it’s spot on for people’s body measurements, regardless of body type. We have a great wool blend that looks terrific and breathes well. And our factory partner is a family that opened their own factory outside Shanghai with local artisans with decades of experience.

We’re an incredible choice, particularly at our price point. The fabric won’t be as high-end as a $2000 suit, but if you’re looking for a custom suit for $325, you’re probably not the guy who’s looking for suit lining made from rabbit’s fur that has built-in air conditioning and will brush your teeth for you. You want a stylish suit that’s responsibly crafted, has great quality and handmade for you.

What happens if I receive my suit, and it does not fit correctly, but the $50 alterations credit does not cover the cost of fixing it?
Because our suits are custom, we unfortunately can’t just put suits “back on the rack.” Customers will need to make sure their measurements are correct and they can easily do that by following our video guide. We always do a quality check to make sure that the suits are properly constructed using their body measurements.

If we ever improperly make the suits even though the body measurements are correct, we will remake the suit for the customer. We have had a 100% accuracy track record so far and our customer feedback shows it. Our Net Promoter Score (customer willingness to recommend) is right below Apple’s NPS score for its iPads. That’s something we’re pretty excited about.

Also, the majority of our customers use less than their $50 for their alterations.

How long does it normally take to receive a custom suit, and are you able to do rushes for events that may be sooner?

Our lead time is five weeks from the moment the customer orders. We try to avoid making exceptions for rushes because we want people to have sufficient time to make any alterations if they want to.

Even though you are completely online, do you think you will open a brick-and-mortar store at any point?
The online-only trend from a few years ago has certainly reversed, as big emerging brands that were born online are now creating physical experiences. Warby Parker and Bonobos are certainly great examples of that. All goes to show that real world connections are still important. We’ll certainly look for temporary ways to create these type of experiences with our home base being online.

Tell us more about why you decided to partner with CareerGear?
Before Suitable ever started, we believed strongly that we needed to build accountability to do good into the way we make money. So many companies just do a one-day volunteer event and then it’s over. Also, there’s a lot of people who are doing copy-cat of the Toms and Warby model of buy one, give one. We asked ourselves, what could we do that would be authentic and useful for others?

CareerGear quickly emerged as the right partner. Gary Field, the founder, is an incredible guy with tremendous passion to help men flourish vocationally, emotionally and relationally. We love what they’re doing and are honored to get to work with them.

Today, when guys buy a Suitable suit, they have the option to donate their old suit that doesn’t fit them. But that suit might be perfect for someone else. They can just put their old suit in the Suitable box and we’ll cover the shipping to CareerGear.





October 16, 2014

We are back with more updates from bridal market this past weekend in NYC showing many of the Fall 2015 collections. While there were so many beautiful gowns, we wanted to touch on some of the new bridal trends for the upcoming year.

A few trends we noticed at many shows were separates and crops, illusion necklines, cut outs, sleeves, dramatic backs and a few looks that are a break from traditional. Take a look below at how a few designers captured these trends on the runway.

Separates and Crops from Reem Acra and Naeem Khan

Reem Acra

Naeem Khan

Illusion Necklines from Amsale


Cut Outs from Anne Barge

Anne Barge

Fringe and color from Johanna Johnson

Johanna Johnson

Sleeves from Houghton


Dramatic Back Lines with these Vera Wang Gowns

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

A Break from Traditional with this Rivini Lace Sweatshirt and Cigarette Pant Suit


via {WWD}

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