July 9, 2013

 Supreme Court’s dismissal of Prop 8 was both fascinating and complex, it reveals just how much the Golden State (and the country) has evolved on the issue since the 2008 election. The state of California joined together to celebrate the success of prop 8′s decline in San Francisco on June 30th. Jeannette had the opportunity to be a part of the celebration and was overwhelmed with excitement and passion in which this simple parade brought to the entire community. Parade participants exchanged many high-fives and hugs with onlookers as they progressed down Market Street. Some dressed in bright colors, others holding signs of the names of their loved ones and, of course… the newlyweds took the streets as well celebrating their years of commitment together, but just a few days of marriage!

Images via {Jeannette Tavares}


July 4, 2013

Let freedom ring this Fourth of July and plan a get together with family and friends to celebrate! Instead of focusing on elaborate décor, use fun, little details to add character to your outdoor party. Create a dessert bar full of stars and stripes, rice krispy treats and firework cupcakes. Remember to flaunt your red, white, and blue, and don’t forget the sparklers!

Images via {Pinterest + Home and Garden Design}


July 2, 2013

After all the time it takes to design, print, stuff and stamp your special invitations, here is a tip to keep them looking great once they are dropped off at the post office! The key… hand-cancelling. Once you drop something off at the post office to be mailed, they run each envelope through a machine to cancel out the postage and sort the mail. This machine can cause your envelopes to bend or become damaged. Instead of running the risk of damaging your special invitations, you have the option to hand cancel instead.  When an envelope is hand cancelled, the postage is stamped by hand and does not have to go through the machine.

 How to do it:

 When you are ready, bring all of your invitations to a post office near you and ask them to hand cancel each envelope. Save enough time and be prepared to hand cancel them yourself if they happen to be busy when you arrive.

 A few tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure the postmark covers all of the stamps

2.  Try to avoid the post office during busy times, ie. when it opens, at lunch time or right before it closes

 3. Make sure all of your invitations are stamped before you go to the post office

4. Instead of going to a main branch, try a smaller branch

Image via {Martha Stewart Weddings}

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