And the award goes to…

November 27, 2012

Before the Thanksgiving holiday, Jeannette Tavares, our NACE liaison, attended the “Once Upon a Time” DC NACE Capital Style Gala. While there, she gave us something to be very thankful for: she returned with fabulous news that she had won the award for “Best Event Production Over $50,000″. We already knew she was one of the best, but we could not be more thrilled that she was recognized for it! Expect even more great things from her in the future. Below are images from the event that won her the big prize. It was certainly an affair to remember. Great work, Jeannette!

{Photography Credit: Steve Canning Photography}

Black Friday Inspiration

November 21, 2012

We are excited for this holiday weekend up ahead, so excited that we are already thinking about black Friday! Think of the color black as modern and sophisticated, not as dark and somber. Now that you have some inspiration, go get your shop on!


In case of rain…

November 15, 2012

Every bride whose dream is an outdoor wedding has some anxiety about the weather the day of.  But even if the skies don’t stay blue for your vows, you can still have a back up space that is equally as beautiful. The most important thing about your plan B, is that you like it just as much when selecting your venue. When preparing for your wedding, it is always important to have a back up floorplan and understand that your vision might change just a bit when brought inside.

Tip of the day, always prepare some extra lighting into your contract for your ceremony space, so you can create that intimate mood in your plan B location.

{Photos from: 1. via Style Me Pretty, via Pinterest; 2. via The Knot, via Pinterest; 3. via Style Me Pretty, via The Knot}

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